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Related Undergraduate / Graduate Courses Offered at Bogazici University

Course Code Course Title
EE 373 Signals & Systems
EE 475 Introduction to Digital Image Processing
EE 572 Mathematical Methods for Signal Processing
EE 574 Image Analysis
EE 575 Multiresolution Signal Processing
EE 576 Machine Vision
EE 577 Statistical Signal Analysis
EE 58H Digital Video Processing
EE 680 Machine Learning
MATH 455 Calculus of Variations
MATH 475 Differential Geometry
CMPE 535 Computer Graphics
CMPE 537 Computer Vision
CMPE 544 Pattern Recognition
CMPE 583 Special Topics in CmpE: Video, Animation and Graphics

Some Other Courses offered by VAVlab Members

EE 202 Electrical Circuits II
EE 142 Digital Systems
EE 210 Introduction to Electrical Engineering