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CancerFind: Low-Cost Cancer Biomarker Detector

Metabolite SensorThis is an interdisciplinary, multi-center collaborative project run jointly by VAVlab (Bogazici University), BioAFM Lab (Bogazici University), Madak-Erdogan Lab (UIUC, USA). The CancerFind project aims at developing and testing a spectroscopy-based, portable and low-cost measurement device for early detection of (breast) cancer biomarker metabolites. The device will allow multi-band detection and will be optimized for the detection of CTCs (Circulating Tumor Cells).
So far, the focus of breast cancer detection has been the tumor itself. However, recently the detection of certain metabolites and proteins in the blood that triggers cancer growth has gained increasing attention. Spectroscopy-based measurement methods for the detection of these metabolites and proteins will contribute to the literature, especially on breast cancer. The ultimate goal of this project is to develop a microfluidic device that can handle biological fluids and enable multi-band spectroscopic measurements. 

The project is run in close collaboration with Dr. H. Torun (Biosensor technologies, BioAFM Lab, Bogazici University) and Dr. Z. Madak Erdogan (Molecular markers of cancer, UIUC).